Meet Cori

there she goes, backpack on, headed to the subway or airport. she did her best with her eyeliner, she learned a new word she wants to try out on you. she is ambling along, she is looking for it. 


cori jean

Hey there, thanks for stopping by!

I'm Cori. I'm a writer, photographer, social worker, sister, tia, daughter & friend. I'm a San Diego native & claim Brooklyn as my second home after years of living in that magic city. I'm committed to reducing the rush, pausing in my daily life to witness all the good unfolding around me. I run off of Thai food, quote The Office on a daily basis & will never tire of golden hour. I'm passionate about creating a life that outlives me & believe wholeheartedly that we all have something beautiful to bring to the table.

You have a story worth sharing, let's tell it together.