Personal Post | Terra Nova 2013

When I packed my bags and moved my life back to San Diego after four beautiful years in New York, I was anxious about so many things. One of my biggest worries was simply making friends, finding a community of people to call my own. I am so blessed to have stepped into an amazing group of individuals within weeks of moving to San Diego. Mosaic is an incredible community of people who live by faith, are known by love, and are a voice of hope here in San Diego. I am lucky to have found home among these beautiful and generous folks, and am grateful to be a part of Mosaic. Over labor day weekend a group of us went on an Artisan retreat. Spending our weekend in the woods, dreaming, creating, and drawing closer to the spirit of God. Here are a few photos I snapped along the way! 

& if you are seeking a place to connect in San Diego, check out Mosaic! Or contact me directly, we'd love to invite you into our ridiculously fun community!  

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