Personal Post | Salvation Mountain, CA

"The great danger is to simply watch life happen, rather than to make life happen. You were designed for adventure. And life itself is best lived when we are on an adventure" -Erwin McManus

Myself, my sister Chalese, my always entertaining friend Brooke and my darling pup Lilah went on a spontaneous day after Christmas adventure. I've been wanting to visit Salvation Mountain for years and the trip did not disappoint. In the words of Brooke, "it's as if whoville and the bible belt had a baby". You may recognize it from the film "Into the Wild" (one of my favorites), if you haven't seen it, do it now! We then made our way to Salton Sea, where Lilah promptly dove into the beyond disgusting water and reeked of salt the entire drive home. Well worth it. Somedays you just feel adventure in your bones, and you have to get on the road & go. And as I'm learning lately, those are the most beautiful of days. 

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